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Compass Program

Free one-on-one support to people looking to transition to postsecondary education, search for employment or reattach to high school education.


The Compass Program helps local youth discover future career and educational paths. English and French speaking youth ages 12 to 30, who are transitioning into postsecondary education, seeking employment, or want to return to adult education, are able to meet with our Compass coordinators to develop a practical, pragmatic and realistic path to pursue personal success.


Sarah MacNeil

Coordinateur Boussole

Compass participants can schedule one-on-one meetings for the following:


Continue your education

Application support for CEGEP, university or vocational training programs

To request assistance with any other logistical barriers (transportation, living arrangements, etc.)

A coordinator is present at the High School Tutoring Program to support those looking for summer jobs, applying for post-secondary education or just trying to figure out what to do after high school.


Find career opportunities

Research and identify jobs that would be of interest

Add your details to our job seekers bank (hyperlinked to the landing page)

To obtain referrals to other available community support programs and services

To obtain referrals to language skill-building workshops and/or courses


Find training opportunities to improve your qualifications

We help Stanstead youth who are not in school or who are far from the job market overcome the numerous barriers they face. Through individual meetings we support our participants to:

Obtain referrals to language skill-building workshops and/or courses

Gain volunteering experience

Are you a local employer?

We work closely with local employers to support their employment needs by referring qualified youth and/or provide training to potential employees. Businesses are welcome to access our job seekers bank for details of those looking for employment in the Stanstead area. For access, please contact Nick White.

Looking for a summer job?

We collected all of the summer jobs in the Stanstead area and presented them at the Phelps job fair in April. If you were not present, you can find the list of jobs by clicking on the button below.


"If it wasn't for this program and you guy's having reached out to me I probably never would have gone back to university. The program helped me get my life back on track and I would like to thank you guys for that. You guys are out here helping people and I truly find that to be amazing"


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