Our Team & Board

Our Team

The Phelps Helps staff is comprised of university graduates with degrees and training in education, psychology, public health and literature. Our team is passionate about their work and each member brings a personal understanding of the specific challenges facing the local youth.

Our Board


Lisa Smith, a graduate of Bishop’s University Department of Education, is a resident of Stanstead East, where she lives with her husband and various pets. After an eighteen-year teaching career at North Country Union High School in Newport, VT, Lisa now heads the Math and Science Department at Stanstead College and for the past 10 years, has also been the Coordinator of the Learning Resource Centre. Lisa love sports, the outdoors, cooking, crafts and being involved in the community. Many years have been spent coaching youth soccer, hockey, baseball and golf. Lisa has been involved with Phelps Helps since its inception and is extremely proud of the positive effect that the programs have had on the Stanstead youth and community. When not coaching during the winter months, Lisa is a regular tutor at the high school program. She also heads the Dufferin Heights Junior Golf program and is a volunteer on the Board of Directors of Sisken-Coutts

Lynn Johnston was born in Toronto, Ontario, and made her way to Montreal, where she earned her Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University. She made a full-time transition to the Eastern Townships in 2013 and has been with Stanstead College for the last 6 years, where she currently holds the position of Director of Finance. Joining the Phelps board was a harmonized network between her belief in education and Phelps’ core mission of establishing one’s foundation for a life of autonomy. Changing mindsets, allowing one to dream, alter choices and the course of one’s life path. Away from work, she enjoys creating and the arts, reading, being in nature, and newest passion: tending her heirloom vegetable garden.

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