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In 2023, Phelps Helps celebrated 10 years of working with Stanstead's community through educational and career support.

This anniversary is a significant milestone and an opportunity to look back over a decade of helping children, youth, young adults and their families to realize their full potential and to celebrate the commitment, effort and memories that make Phelps Helps so special. Phelps Helps first opened its doors in September 2012 with its flagship high school tutoring program. Over the years, another five programs were developed to include elementary tutoring, Spark STEM learning, Compass, mentoring and summer camp. Discover what this really means in our video below.

Meet Josh,
long-standing Phelps participant

Throughout the year, we shared other stories from our strong network of past families, volunteers, donors, partners, and many other supporters who have played an essential role in our history and without whom Phelps would not exist. Thank you to everyone who was involved with the celebrations and to all who help ensure that Phelps can continue to provide opportunities for the growth of the Stanstead community.

Phelps' Impact over the past 10 years


Of all grade 6 students enrolled to focus on high-school prep


Strong partnerships built in the community, the MRC and the province


Increase in enrolment following our Covid recovery plan


Families have been positively impacted by the Phelps approach


Average ratio of volunteers to students


Dropout rate for high school participants who attend 50%+ of sessions


Ministries and members of parliament who have donated Phelps


Theories of change developed as part of the Innoweave Impact and Strategic Clarity model


Models developed as part of the Phelps A-Z handbook to help other organisations

Thank you to all who contributed to our 10 year funding campaign and helped us to continue providing high quality educational and career services to our community.

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