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The Phelps Team Recap

The Phelps team has seen some changes since the summer and with the new school year in full swing, we thought it was the perfect time to make some introductions, share staff news and recap what everyone does.

Phelps has put in place a collaborative leadership team with the appointment of Katie Lowry who has returned from maternity leave as Programs Director. Elizabeth MacKinnon is now Business Director and Sophie Nagle is Development and Communications Director. This trio has been overseeing the running of the organisation as a whole and is excited to continue to encourage and see Phelps flourish this year. Elizabeth's family will be growing with a baby due at the start of the new year. As a result we are actively looking for her maternity replacement - details here.

We are also excited to announce the lineup for our programs. Our coordinator roles have evolved to see Elizabeth Courchesne head the High School Program. After several years running the Compass program, Elizabeth knows our high schoolers well and is bringing a new take on how to engage and support our youth with getting their high school diplomas.

Nick White is now Compass Program Coordinator and is responsible for all sessions dedicated to helping youth up to 30 years old either get back into school, post secondary studies or into work. Geneviève Lalande continues to successfully head our elementary programs (Spark and Elementary tutoring) with support from Heather Stratton, but with a new family member on the way, Geneviève will be leaving in October to prepare for baby's arrival. As a result we are delighted to welcome Sarah Elliot to the team who will join as Educational Programs Assistant. Sarah has a background in Math and Science and will be an invaluable asset to high-level tutoring for our high schoolers. Sarah also has experience in the classroom and will also be getting to know our elementary students during Spark sessions at Sunnyside.

The Phelps team is as always at your disposal for any questions. Look out for us on Facebook or contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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