• Phelps Helps

Phelps is hiring: Interim Business Director

Job type: 1-year contract, 30-35 hours per week

Contract timeline: November 15, 2021 - December 1 2022

Location: Stanstead, QC

Language requirements: Bilingual position, French and English

About Phelps Helps

Phelps Aide Phelps Helps is a non-profit organization offering educational and career support to the Stanstead area. Phelps currently offers 6 distinct programs, aimed at reducing the drop-out rate and helping local youth discover and reach their future career goals. For more information about Phelps Helps, visit phelpshelps.ca.

About the Interim Business Director position

Phelps Helps is offering an exceptional opportunity for you to join a dynamic team in carrying out its visible mission within the community. As the Interim Business Director, you will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, ensuring the efficiency of the organization, creating and maintaining financial budgets and spending, building and strengthening relationships with key stakeholders, as well as cultivating continuous support to students, families, schools and other community organizations.

Responsibilities and duties:

● Participate in collaborative leadership

● Advise and report to the Board of Directors

● Prepare annual meeting, board meetings and full audit

● Develop and manage annual budget and spending

● Manage benefits program, IT, software and subscription services

● Oversee daily office administration (staffing, correspondences, voicemail, returning calls, errands, etc.)

● Manage bookkeeping, monthly cash flow, invoicing, payroll and accounting

● Assist in organization’s advancement activities

● Act as spokesperson for the organization and represent Phelps Helps within the community

● Develop and maintain key organizational partnerships (schools, other community organizations and round tables, key stakeholders, volunteers)

● Serve as primary liaison to legal counsel

Your Qualifications and Attributes

● Administrative, community or non-profit sector experience

● Excellent written and spoken French and English

● Financial management capabilities and solid organizational abilities

● Strong abilities for working with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Google platforms

● Experience with payroll software, benefits program

● Capability to employ a creative and collaborative approach to address change

● Strong work ethic with a high degree of energy

● Ability to work autonomously with excellent time management

● Detail oriented

● Strong written and oral skills and ease with public speaking

● Fundraising and event planning experience considered an asset

To apply: Please submit your application (CV and cover letter) to Catherine Van der Linden, President, at careers@phelpshelps.ca by October 29, 2021.