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Summer Programs Continue Strong

Students from anglophone families, from low-income backgrounds, and with learning difficulties, are all more vulnerable to 'summer learning slides' in their education. Providing summer learning experiences is one way Phelps works to combat this decline to ensure students can have a confident return to school in the Fall.

Second Chance successfully ran for it's fourth year offering 43 one-on-one tutoring to students wishing to catch up or who had exam retakes. This year we were able to support 19 students with one-on-one tutoring for 4 weeks over the summer. We were happy to report that we had a 100% success rate of those taking exam retakes. Not only does it serve to reinforce learning from the school year but it also increases attachment to the Phelps space and staff, an important component in the return to tutoring in September.

STEM Summer Camp is supported by R3USSIR, the Tillotson Regional Fund and Townshippers Foundation, and was exanded to a two week program this year, allowing us to offer programming to double the amount of campers. We welcomed a total of 45 campers aged from 10 to 13, a 57% increase from last year, who took part in the STEM-based programming, learning how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math connect to real-life careers. As well as the STEM activities, the campers had a presentation from the Stanstead fire fighters, met past NHL player and referee Paul Stewart, enjoyed the calming effects of several animals during the zoo therapy session. The campers were also taken to the Montreal Science Centre. As is the case with all of our programming, the summer camps is entirely free for all campers.

The camp would not be possible without our camp leaders. We prioritize hiring local youth to be camp leaders and were able to provide summer positions to 10 local youth. They are supported throughout the interview process by our Compass Coordinator and are given a 3 day intensive training course. For many, this first work experience is an important part of building up their confidence and prospects for future student positions.


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