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New Friendships: Stanstead College Comes To Spark

Thursday May 9th, Stanstead College held a community service afternoon for their students. 19 of their students chose to attend Phelps’ Spark session for this activity. The Stanstead College students were paired with the elementary participants from grades 3-6 for activities focusing on teamwork and self-confidence. A challenging relay race started the afternoon to help break the ice and build the relationship between the pairs.

In their pairs, Phelps’ participants interviewed their Stanstead College partner and told them about themselves. They made self-portraits on the pavement with chalk, outlining their whole body. In the portrait, they were encouraged by the Stanstead College students to highlight their strengths and things that they like about themselves.

This annual activity is a great opportunity to create links between young people in the community. Phelps is grateful to have this partnership with Stanstead College and have a chance to introduce students from the two schools, which face each other across Dufferin street in Stanstead. It was wonderful to see so many valuable connections being made throughout the afternoon activity. One 8 year old shared that, “it was one of the best days I had all year!”


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