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Covid-19 Response

The health and safety of our team members, participants, and the community are important to us. For this reason, we are respecting the social distancing recommendation by the government and will be closing our doors to the public for the next two weeks. Phelps team members will remain available by phone, email and through social media.

Clea Corman will be available for online support for students who have any specific homework related questions from 1-2 pm Monday to Friday.

Elizabeth Courchesne will be available for online Compass support (job applications, scholarships, etc.) from 1-4 pm Monday to Friday.

Furthermore, over the following 2 weeks, keep an eye on the Phelps’ Facebook page for creative at home ideas for children and teens of all ages!

Remember to check the reliability of the sources where you are obtaining your information. Use sites like…/disea…/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html or to obtain trustworthy information on the current status of the pandemic and how best to keep your family safe.


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