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Phelps En Français At Jardin-Des-Frontières

The Phelps en français - Elementary program was launched this September at Jardin-des-Frontières. On Wednesdays, students from grades 5 and 6 at the local French Elementary school have the opportunity to participate in the after-school tutoring program with Alvin Sully from Phelps Helps.

“At the beginning of the year, we had anticipated 15 students joining the program over the year” states Alvin “but we already have 17 students enrolled and we are only on our 4th session of the year! This is very exciting for our team and we hope that this number continues to grow.”

Alvin explains how the students have a lot of energy at the end of the day so the sessions always start with 25-30 minutes of physical activity. All students, staff and volunteers join into the games Alvin has prepared with enthusiasm. The students’ favorite game so far this year has been a game called dans la mare sur la rive where they are practicing their reflexes, listening skills and concentration.

A healthy snack follows the physical activity to fuel their brains before getting to work. During the snack, students benefit from a carefully selected read aloud and targeted literacy lesson, lead by Alvin. Then, the long-awaited homework begins.

Volunteers are paired with students to help them with their homework. We are still looking for volunteers to fill this role and become a positive influence in the lives of these young children.

Being a volunteer does not mean being an expert in any one subject; it means being willing to create a positive relationship with a local youth. Phelps provides all the training you need to feel confident in your role as a tutor. Sign up as a volunteer today by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator, Clea Corman, by email or call 819-704-0799.


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