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A Second Chance

Throughout July, Phelps Helps hosted a program that ran for the third year in a row. We call it Second Chance and that is just what it aims to give kids.

Sixteen students joined us a couple of times a week to sit down for some precious one-on-one tutoring. While sipping chocolate milk they faced all things difficult. Only this time, they were sitting beside an adult who was fresh and ready to offer an infinite amount of patience and understanding.

Kids powered through Math, English, French and tricky Science problems. Two exemplary students worked like crazy to be ready for ministerial exam retake. Over and over, we practiced algebra, verb conjugation and those pesky syllables that aren’t pronounced as they should be. When everything was said and done, students said they felt a little better and a little more ready for the 22-23 school year.

We are trying to make a big impact on this community we love so deeply. We yearn for our kids to dream big and aim high. Before anything, however, we need to be seeing these precious human beings on a weekly basis. They have to trust us and come to us. That’s what we are working so hard on right now. Month after month, we are adjusting our programs and coming up with plans to get kids to attach to Phelps Helps.

Above all else, this year’s rendition of the Second Chance tutoring program allowed us to make some supremely important connections. Students that shied away all year came out again. With the intimacy of one-on-one tutoring we were able to foster a family feeling. We were all nourished by this. Participants rarely missed a session and showed up smiling even at 9am!

The program was made possible by five outstanding volunteer tutors. These people are loving, patient and have time for our kids. We cannot thank them enough for all that they do. We were also very lucky to have at our disposal two talented summer employees both of whom are studying to become teachers. Our students were in very good hands.

During Second Chance, we hosted two fun and educational workshops. One challenged students to mix up batter and cook crepes from recipes that were made available in English for the francophones and French for the anglophones. Later on in the month, we took time out for an arts & crafts workshop that provided fantastic and colourful surprises that we hoped would convey great appreciation to the volunteers.

At the end of the month, we hugged our hardworking champions and felt sad to say goodbye. Parents made a point to come by and thank the tutors. A good time was had by all. We have a sneaking suspicion that we will be seeing the participants again come the Fall. If nothing else, they will be looking for a glass of chocolate milk and a chat with someone who cares.


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