Funded by Emplois Québec, The Youth Engagement and Outreach Project builds on the current offerings of our Compass program to include an innovative outreach approach to recruit and attach some of the hardest to reach youth in our region.


This project provides a solution to mobilizing youth aged between 15 and 30  who are not in school or are far from the job market and are simply overwhelmed by the numerous barriers many in Stanstead face. The Youth Outreach and Attachment Project will provide a structured mechanism that offers incentivized one-on-one support tailored to their needs and at their own pace. Through the accompaniment of a trusted Phelps Helps team member, participants will move through three uniquely designed attachment phases of support to improve youth retention to work and/or school, increase partner engagement and improve long-term outcomes.


In order to fully support youth, the project is designed to not only assist with fees that may be incurred by participating, like child care or transportation costs but also offer an incentive for participating. The completion bonus offered at the end of phase II and Phase III aim to increase retention in the project and provide a tangible outcome that the youth can appreciate. While the completion bonus may be the motivator at the beginning of the journey, our hope is that the process will yield an understanding of the true value of becoming a productive and contributing member of society.


The phases and one-on-one support (online and/or in-person) includes the following:

●      Completing a profile and needs assessment

●      Help with defining personal goals

●      Creation of an individualized action plan based on the goals

●      Guidance through job searches, school enrollment

●      Help with navigating administration such as getting a drivers license

●      Assistance with any other logistical barriers (transportation, living arrangements, daycare, etc.)

●      Referrals to other available community support programs and services

●      To obtain referrals to language skill-building workshops and/or courses


To be eligible participants must:

●      Live in the Stanstead area (Stanstead, Stanstead-East, Ogden, Canton de Stanstead) 

●      Be currently not in school or permanent employment

●      Be between the ages of 15-30 


Our open and friendly Youth Engagement and Outreach Coordinator, Nick White, will guide participants through the program and connect them with the appropriate resources for obstacles such as transport. Reach out for a quick chat and see how we can hep you. Email Nick at, connect with him on Facebook or call Phelps on 819 704-0799.


"If it wasn't for this program and you guy's having reached out to me I probably never would have gone back to university. The program helped me get my life back on track and I would like to thank you guys for that. You guys are out here helping people and I truly find that to be amazing"


- Alyssa Raycraft, participant


Phelps Helps

272 Dufferin Street

Stanstead QC J0B 3E2

(819) 704-0799

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