Free day camp for ages 10-13. A week of fun activities and outings in August. 


The Summer Program offers a free educational summer day camp for local students aged 10-13. As an integral part of the program, the camp employs up to 5 local youth as camp counsellors, providing them with a first employment experience. Similar to the Mentoring Program, Summer Camp is another support channel for elementary students transitioning to high school, giving them concentrated time with older students already attending high school.


Participating students enjoy outdoor activities, sports, hands-on learning activities and cooking workshops where creativity and teamwork are emphasized. All educational team challenges are constructed by the coordinator using a S.T.E.A.M. model (Science / Technology / Engineering / Art / Math).


The program’s goal is for equal English and French participation, bridging any gap between local youth with regard to language. We seek to improve attitudes towards bilingualism and encourage second language conversation in an accepting and enjoyable environment.


All activities, including transportation and lunches, are offered free of charge. Previous activities have included: a visit to the BRP museum, afternoons at the beach and a trip to an Escape Room.

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