Free monthly activities for Grades 5-6 mentees and high school mentors throughout the school year.


After several years of conducting Phelps, it became clear that the elementary transition to high school proved difficult for many young students and was often the junction of disenfranchisement. Stanstead is, at minimum, an hour bus ride to Alexander Galt Regional High School, often longer in the winter months. The elementary students move from an intimate local environment to one almost 10x greater in size. The Mentoring Program is an off-shoot of our High School Tutoring Program, pairing older students with younger students to create a support network between those already attending high school and those who are making the transition. Special on-site and off-site activities are planned throughout the year; mentors are provided training for their roles and the younger students gain a friendly contact who will be a watchful eye at the large high school.


Permission slips can be picked up at the Sunnyside secretary's office or printed from the PDF form.



Phelps Helps

272 Dufferin Street

Stanstead QC J0B 3E2

(819) 704-0799

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