Helping local youth discover future career and educational paths.


The Compass Program helps local youth discover future career and educational paths. English and French speaking youth ages 14 to 30, who are transitioning into postsecondary education, seeking employment, or want to return to adult education, are able to meet with our coordinator to develop a practical, pragmatic and realistic path to pursue personal success.


The coordinator is present at the High School Tutoring Program to support those looking for summer jobs, applying for postsecondary education or just trying to figure out what to do after high school. Using social media, the coordinator advertises jobs, scholarship availability, volunteer opportunities and other helpful and relevant information for career and educational growth.


Compass participants can schedule one-on-one meetings for the following:

●      To draft a CV and cover letter

●      To research and identify jobs that would be of interest to them

●      To get help applying for jobs and to practice interviewing

●      To complete applications for submission to CEGEP, university or vocational training programs

●      To find bursaries or scholarships for which they qualify

●      To request assistance with any other logistical barriers (transportation, living arrangements, etc.)

●      To obtain referrals to other available community support programs and services

●      To obtain referrals to language skill-building workshops and/or courses


The Compass Program also organizes periodic workshops throughout the year on specific topics such as:

●      Work/school balance

●      Summer jobs availability

●      Exploration of potential career opportunities


This program works closely with local employers to support their employment needs by referring qualified youth and/or provide training to potential employees.


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"These students have so much potential, and our goal is to help them eliminate as many obstacles as possible. Over the past five years, I have had the pleasure to watch a number of kids transform as students and young adults. That's what it's all about!" - Katie Lowry, Executive Director

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