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Hooked On School Week

Next week is Hooked on School days! This Quebec-wide campaign’s main objective, according to Partners for Educational Success Estrie, is to increase the understanding of everyone’s role and responsibilities in creating conditions conducive to school perseverance. The Stanstead community has battled high drop out rates in the area for years. Phelps Helps offers a continuum of services that support school perseverance. Over the week, Phelps will be holding a variety of special activities to promote school perseverance for all age groups.

At our Sunnyside Elementary Tutoring program, our coordinator has been building up to this week for several sessions. A theme of overcoming failure has been highlighted in read alouds about five famous failures. Students have learnt of famous actors, athletes and icons who have struggled and persevered. A mural has been created with all of the stories and posted for all to see.

Letters of encouragement will be sent from our young high school students to grades 5 and 6 students. These letters will aim to inspire perseverance in our young students, building the foundation for a successful educational career and fostering a sense of community.

A specific focus will be given to school-work balance, a reality for many of our high school students. Effectively balancing one’s time and paid work hours is an important factor in educational success. Our Compass and High School Tutoring program coordinators will be hosting a workshop during our High School Tutoring program on Thursday next week to discuss ways to finding a healthy balance. Additionally, Phelps will be visiting select local businesses to encourage the work-school balance in their employees, asking them to support Hooked on School week by hanging the green ribbon in their window.

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