Our Team

Katie Lowry

Executive Director


Katie grew up in the Eastern Townships and is a proud alumnus of Alexander Galt Regional High School. After completing her BA in Political Science at Carleton University, Katie discovered her passion for teaching and never looked back.  She became ESL-certified while working with Spanish-speaking migrants in the United States, and she proceeded to parlay her love of travel and education by taking on teaching opportunities in Ghana, China, and South Korea.  Returning to Canada in 2010, she obtained her B. Ed. from the University of Ottawa before moving to the Stanstead area with her husband.  Katie was instrumental in the establishment of Phelps, and under her guidance, the program has grown from a single program to 7 diverse educational offerings.  “As an educator, working at Phelps is a dream come true.  I have the opportunity to support a student through every step of their education and watch the evolution of the whole child. That is what makes being a part of Phelps truly special”.

Clea Corman

Volunteer & Development Coordinator


Another lifelong Townshipper, Clea brings years of mentorship experience and grassroots knowledge to Phelps’ programs.  She holds both a BA in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Certificate in Business Management from Bishop’s University.  For the last four years, Clea coordinated and animated the local youth centre, Le Lounge, spending Friday evenings with Stanstead teens. In addition to her tireless work handling volunteer recruitment, marketing and fundraising for Phelps, Clea also coordinates Sunnyside Elementary's Community Learning Centre. In her spare time, she enjoys working with horses, practicing yoga, and playing racket sports. “We dream big at Phelps, and it is immensely rewarding to see those dreams become a reality and have such a direct impact on the community. What we do at Phelps is tangible; this is the reason why I am so proud to be part of Phelps”.

Jayme Marrotte

Graduate Support Program Coordinator


Jayme is proud a Stanstead native.  Like the vast majority of students in Phelps’ programs, Jayme made the often daunting transition from the small, local Sunnyside Elementary school to the substantially larger Alexander Galt Regional more than an hour away by bus from her home.  Jayme recently obtained her Masters of Public Health from the University of Guelph and as new member of the Phelps team, is keen to put her specialization of community health to use in her hometown.  She is passionate about healthy living and loves spending time outdoors, especially playing competitive softball.  “I was drawn to Phelps because of our community engagement, inspirational successes, and the impact the program was having on the community,” says Jayme.  “I see so much potential for Phelps to grow in the coming years and am thrilled to be part of it.”

Macy Doucet

Phelps en français Coordinator


Macy is another Townshipper with a true passion for youth education.  After attending Champlain College and obtaining her BA in Education at Bishop’s University, Macy is currently working on her B.Ed. degree.  She has worked for years as a French tutor, and has experience with youth of all ages.  Macy is an accomplished visual artist, and she uses her drawing and painting skills to connect with her students.  “I am thrilled to be a part of the Phelps Team,” says Macy.  “It allows me to share my love for learning in the community I grew up in”.

Heather Stratton

Programs Assistant


Heather attended both Sunnyside Elementary and Alexander Galt Regional High School. After studying Business Administration at Champlain College, she returned to Stanstead and began her career in fashion and design with HB Heller. She had the opportunity to hone her skills in the summer of 2007 while studying contour fashion at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK.  For the past seven years, Heather has enjoyed working closely with local students and educators as Sunnyside’s Administrative Assistant.  She has been an enthusiastic member of the Phelps team since its inception.  “It’s been wonderful to see how Phelps has grown and the impact that it’s had on so many of our students lives.”