2019-20 highlights

In 2019-20 Phelps had 205 participants benefiting from one or more of its programs.

Educational success

66 students working towards their high school diploma

54 volunteers

3:1 ratio of students to volunteers

92% of Second Chance participants felt they reached their learning goal


literacy focused events 

65 families engaged in community events hosted by Phelps

200+ free books given to local families

10 community organizations partnered with Phelps


54 improved their employability 

89 one-on-one guidance meetings

11 adults re-attached to education or employment

Life skills

72% of participants from the online tutoring

program reported improved academic confidence

with 45% saying their organizational skills improved.

12 local youth took part in Phelps' leadership training 

“Thanks to Phelps Helps, people of Stanstead with major financial, social or learning challenges no longer see high school graduation as something unattainable.”

— Rachel Bury, Grade 2 teacher, Sunnyside Elementary School