The Issue

Compared to Quebec, Estrie and the MRC Memphrémagog where the dropout rate is approximately 15%, the dropout rate of Stanstead is significantly higher. According to the most recent available data, in 2012-13, 26% of youth in the Stanstead area were dropping out of high school. In addition, the 2016 census revealed that 19% of women and 27% of men ages 25-65 living in the Stanstead area do not have a high school diploma.


Dropout rates in rural areas are significantly higher than those in cities and our area is no exception. Lengthy bus rides to and from the schools preclude many Stanstead area students from participating in after-school homework help and extracurricular music and sports programs, further isolating them from a well-rounded high school experience that others enjoy. They can become disenfranchised from the outset and this only worsens over time.

Our impact

After the 2017-18 school year, 0% of our 67 high school participants dropped out




With an average ratio of 2 students to 1 volunteer in our tutoring programs, high school and elementary students benefit from personalized tutoring to meet each of their needs.  

"I'm going to stay in Phelps for all my high school years!" – Link, age 13

"There is always someone here to answer my questions. I like that!" – Cassandra, age 15