2018-19 highlights

In 2018-19 Phelps had 202 participants benefiting from one or more of its programs.

Educational success

65 students working towards their high school diploma

49 volunteers

2:1 ratio of students to volunteers


65 families engaged in community events hosted by Phelps 

245 free books given to local families

53% of high school participants transitioned from a Phelps elementary program


58 improved their employability 

67 one-on-one guidance meetings 

12 adults re-attached to adult education

15 adults attended French classes

Life skills

60% of elementary participants implemented coping skills taught during targeted lessons

85% of mentees decreased their anxiety about transitioning to high school

15 local youth took part in a 2-day leadership training 

“Thanks to Phelps Helps, people of Stanstead with major financial, social or learning challenges no longer see high school graduation as something unattainable.”

— Rachel Bury, Grade 2 teacher, Sunnyside Elementary School