Phelps’ innovative approach to educational and career support is helping to instill a love of learning, a sense of community, and an increased sense of self-worth for the youth living in rural communities. Students participating in Phelps Helps programs benefit from personal relationships with dedicated staff and volunteers who share a common goal to guide students and their families along individualized paths to success. 


Phelps works closely with local schools, community organizations, governments and volunteers in order to offer the most dynamic and effective support possible. Growing in tandem with the needs of the community is the crux of each of our offerings. 


Phelps has become a community resource, one that students, families and other community organizations are turning to for support and leadership. Rural towns present unique sets of challenges and our programs have been designed to address these challenges. We are confident that our model can be instituted in any rural community who is willing to work for positive change. Only five years after launch, we see the substantial changes in our youth and in the town of Stanstead and are proud to be a critical element of this change. Our vision is to empower a community through educational and career support, bringing new vitality to the region; our goal is to help all youth in our community reach their full potential and become role models to others and positive contributors to society.