End of year party

June means the end of the school year and the end of Phelps’ weekly sessions, but for many of our students, it means a new beginning. They are finishing up one school year and will be diving into next year’s academic challenges in just a few months, taking that next step. Our elementary and high school students are completing end of year exams, the culmination of all the material learned this year. Some of our older students are moving on to cégep, others exploring career options, and some will be returning to high school for their final year. As a dynamic organization, there seems to be new beginnings around every corner; later this month, our space will be undergoing renovations to accommodate our growing number of participants and to adequately support our diverse offerings. To wrap up this amazing year, we will be hosting an end of year party on June 7th from 5-6pm for our 30+ volunteers and 160 participants and their families. We look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating the end of another successful school year!


Ending the school year on a good note

Phelps’ weekly sessions are winding down, but there is still lots happening at Phelps. Two of our level 5 students, Marissa and Katrina, recently received awards from the Lampe Foundation and Phelps for their school perseverance. They have been attending Phelps for two years now, and

will be pursuing their educational goals at Champlain Regional College in the fall. We are also approaching the end of the school year, which means the exam period has begun and students are hunkering down to study and complete memory-aids and practice questions. One of Phelps partners, Global Excel, decided to lend a helping hand during this stressful time. Every year Global Excel dedicates time to give back to their community. This year, they chose to make Phelps Helps high school students care packages for their exams! With help from the Grace Village residents, each care package has an inspirational quote and essential study materials to motivate our students throughout their exams. A big thank you to Global Excel's Manage Care Team! Moreover, Phelps’ last session will be on June 7th , and students are invited to book individual appointments after that date for specific subjects. With care packages and extra help, we hope our students will excel in their final exams, ending the school year on a good note.


And they're off!

On Saturday, May 12th at 9:30 a.m. the Stanstead 5km Race officially started with the start-gun fired by our mayor, Philipe Dutil, sending 78 racers sprinting ahead. The race has been held annually in Stanstead and organized by Michael Sudlow for over a dozen years and attracts runners of all ages; this year we had runners from age 3 to 80+. For the second year, the race's profits were generously donated to Phelps for its educational and career support programs; this year, the race raised just over $900. The event went off without a hitch, thanks to Mr Sudlow and all the volunteers that came out to lend a helping hand. Elementary students had the option to run the race as a relay, sharing the run with a partner. This year, we had two pairs enter the race from Sunnyside, and we hope to see more next year. High schools were encouraged to participate by entering as many students per school, receiving points for participation and rank of the runners. Stanstead College took home the win this year, with BCS, Galt and La Ruche trailing not far behind. Our family-friendly race will be held next year on May 11th , so keep an eye out for this great community initiative!