About Us

Who We Are

Phelps Aide Phelps Helps was founded in 2012 to expressly combat the unacceptably high drop-out rates in the Stanstead area of Quebec. Since inception, the organization has grown organically from a single high school tutoring program to six individual free-of-charge programs providing educational and career support. Phelps serves Stanstead area community members between the ages of 8 and 30 with a continuum of services, prioritizing those facing numerous barriers to attaining an education and employment.


Empowering a community through educational and career support


Phelps offers a unique range of assistance designed to increase community engagement and to establish the foundation for a life of autonomy. Rural community members are provided the support system needed to graduate from high school and to realize their future career and educational goals.


Phelps focuses on four key outcomes leading to enhanced community vitality for the Stanstead area:

  1. Successful educational transitions. Participating community members will benefit from building a clear vision of their paths, motivated and enthusiastic to learn and to achieve personal educational success.
  2. Gaining and holding valuable employment. Participants will be guided to discover practical career paths which include developing a broader range of work and language skills needed to elevate employment opportunities.
  3. Increased autonomy. By building independent decision-making capabilities, improving social relationships and developing self-management skills, participants will establish the foundation required for a life of autonomy.
  4. Advocating for the community and engaging influencers. Phelps will work to increase awareness of our Mission and to mobilize involvement, both within the community and with the wider region. Influencers will be recruited to partner and advocate to decision makers on Phelps’ behalf with the goal of sharing our successful model for the benefit of other rural communities.

"The biggest transformation I have witnessed in our community is a genuine shift in the attitudes

of its members -educational and career success is now on the table! The community

organizations and institutions are working together in ways we never imagined toward a

sustainable solution. I couldn't be more proud of the role we have played in this real change

over the past 8 years".  - Katie Lowry, Executive Director