About Us

Who We Are

Phelps Aide Phelps Helps is a true grass-roots organization, founded in 2012 to expressly combat the unacceptably high drop-out rates in the Stanstead area of Quebec. Since its founding, the program has grown organically from a single high school tutoring program to one that includes assistance for grades 3 through 11, inclusive of both English and French school boards and one that offers graduate educational and career support to those students nearing graduation and those who have ‘aged out’ of the public system.


Our staff is comprised of university graduates, all of whom come from the region and who have degrees and training in education, psychology and public health. Each has attended one of the local schools and each brings a broad and personal understanding of the specific challenges facing the local youth. Our volunteer educational tutors come from a wide variety of local institutions, including Stanstead College, Bishop’s University, Collège Servite and Université de Sherbrooke. Community volunteers are encouraged and welcomed for their unique professional experiences and enthusiasm. We also incorporate peer tutoring at the sessions to build connections between students who would not generally interact.