End of year party

June means the end of the school year and the end of Phelps’ weekly sessions, but for many of our students, it means a new beginning. They are finishing up one school year and will be diving into next year’s academic challenges in just a few months, taking that next step. Our elementary and high school students are completing end of year exams, the culmination of all the material learned this year. Some of our older students are moving on to cégep, others exploring career options, and some will be returning to high school for their final year. As a dynamic organization, there seems to be new beginnings around every corner; later this month, our space will be undergoing renovations to accommodate our growing number of participants and to adequately support our diverse offerings. To wrap up this amazing year, we will be hosting an end of year party on June 7th from 5-6pm for our 30+ volunteers and 160 participants and their families. We look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating the end of another successful school year!

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