Ending the school year on a good note

Phelps’ weekly sessions are winding down, but there is still lots happening at Phelps. Two of our level 5 students, Marissa and Katrina, recently received awards from the Lampe Foundation and Phelps for their school perseverance. They have been attending Phelps for two years now, and

will be pursuing their educational goals at Champlain Regional College in the fall. We are also approaching the end of the school year, which means the exam period has begun and students are hunkering down to study and complete memory-aids and practice questions. One of Phelps partners, Global Excel, decided to lend a helping hand during this stressful time. Every year Global Excel dedicates time to give back to their community. This year, they chose to make Phelps Helps high school students care packages for their exams! With help from the Grace Village residents, each care package has an inspirational quote and essential study materials to motivate our students throughout their exams. A big thank you to Global Excel's Manage Care Team! Moreover, Phelps’ last session will be on June 7th , and students are invited to book individual appointments after that date for specific subjects. With care packages and extra help, we hope our students will excel in their final exams, ending the school year on a good note.

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