Volunteer Tribute

This week we would like to highlight a very special volunteer, someone who has been with Phelps since the very beginning, dedicating countless hours over the years as our star math tutor: Lisa Smith. The level of dedication Mrs. Smith carries with her in everything she does has benefitted Phelps in immeasurable ways. She is also a committed board member, showcasing her pedagogical expertise in designing the approach to Phelps programs and her knowledge of the Stanstead area community. Lisa is one of our most knowledgeable tutors as she has been a teacher for over 30 years and is the head of math and sciences at Stanstead College.


Thanks to Lisa’s patience, selflessness, and hands-on approach to math, students have not only experienced academic success but know that they can depend on her consistency and unfailing kindness. Phelps would like to sincerely thank Lisa for her years of support; without her, Phelps would not be the same.


“I like seeing the success that the kids have and the fact that they now enjoy going to school.

They’re really happy with what they’re getting out of it and they’re no longer afraid to be in

school; they don’t see it as a scary place anymore, because they have support.” – Lisa Smith,

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    sk singh (Thursday, 03 January 2019 05:30)

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