Lampe-Phelps Helps awards

The Lampe Foundation, an affiliate of CFUW Sherbrooke& District, and Phelps Helps are

teaming up this year to offer 3 unique awards to students who participate, or have participated,

in Phelps’ programs. Each award focuses on rewarding leadership, perseverance, and

community engagement. The first post-secondary bursary of $200 was awarded to Alesha

Grimes in December, and we are once again putting forward a call for applications. As we

approach the end of the school year, there are two awards for level 5 students planning on

attending post-secondary education, in the amount of $100. The application for these two

awards is due May 5th , and can be found on our website, on our Facebook page, or by

contacting We encourage all level 5 Phelpsers to apply!


The LAMPE foundation is community-based non-profit organization who is dedicated to

supporting education. They encourage qualified students from the Eastern Townships by

providing financial assistance through their many different scholarships. Since 1973, CFUW

Sherbrooke & District members have put aside funds for educational awards and the name

‘Lampe Foundation’ was established in 2010.

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