Summer Jobs!

With snow covering our community it may not seem as though spring is right around the

corner, but it most certainly is! Spring is the time of year that employers begin looking for

students to fill their summer positions. Our Graduate Support Coordinator, Jayme Marrotte,

has gathered information on over 20 summer jobs available in the Stanstead area. On March

23 rd , Phelps will be open for youth to discover these job opportunities and receive help with the

application process. Whether you need to make your CV, decide which of the many available

jobs interest you, fill out a job application, or practice your interviewing skills, Jayme and her

experienced volunteers will be there to help. The workshop will be held on March 23 rd from

4:30 to 6:00 p.m. at Phelps Helps, 272 Dufferin Street. Make your summer a productive one!

Employers interested in adding summer jobs to this list can send their postings to

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