Hooked on School

Hooked on School week is upon us! For this one week in February, schools and community organizations across the entire province of Quebec highlight a topic that Phelps lives and breathes: perseverance. Phelps started in 2012 to help reduce the unacceptably high drop out rates in our area:  one in three students in Stanstead do not complete high school, a fact that drives much of what Phelps does. 5 years after launch, we see a change not only in the youth but within the entire community; if you drive through town you will see the white and green perseverance flag outside town hall. Hooked on School week provides us all with the opportunity to speak frankly with our youth about why it is important to stay in school: to continue learning, to get a better job and to have choices. As we asked our students to add their names to a ‘perseverance window mural’, making a commitment to finishing high school, an array of declarations were heard “I’m going to finish high school just to prove them wrong”, “Of course I’m going to finish high school!”, “I can’t see the future, but I want to stay in school”. For Phelps and our team, that is more than enough.  

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