Samantha: A Phelps Volunteer

Phelps’ weekly elementary and high school sessions have started back up again this week, and we are once again looking for volunteers to help make our programs thrive. We welcome cegep and university students, as well as community members young and old. Over the last couple of years, we have had several education students from Bishop’s University volunteer with our organization. Samantha, a student in the elementary of education program and a Bishop’s rugby player started volunteering with Phelps in the fall. She wanted to share some of her Phelps experiences:


Why do you volunteer?  

I volunteer because I want to make a positive impact on others and give back to the community. I also think it is a great way to gain experience working with students. 


What do you think students gain by attending Phelps’ sessions?  

I think students gain a sense of inclusion and belonging. Phelps raises students’ confidence and also makes them feel important and cared about.    


Can you describe one of your favourite moments with the students? 

One of my favourite moments was a day when I was doing math homework with an elementary boy. He told me he did not know how to do the work so he wasn't going to do it. After explaining the steps to him he was more willing to try. Once he completed the homework and I checked that the questions were done correctly he was very happy. I think I helped the student feel capable and confident which is very important to me. I also really enjoy playing sports with the students to help raise their confidence and make sure all students are included and having fun!

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