STANSTEAD INTEREST SURVEY: Survey to bring free community activities to Stanstead area

The Imagine Stanstead project, along with a network of local community groups, is devoted to supporting adult learning. While already offering and planning a variety of free activities for the community, Imagine Stanstead wants to hear from YOU. Imagine Stanstead and Phelps wants to know what type of learning activities community members would like to benefit from. Adult learning activities can include everyday life skills like budgeting or yoga, or workplace skills, such as machining or accounting. 

Over the next month, Imagine Stanstead and Phelps Helps team members will be distributing a short survey to community members, asking what their interests are. The survey will be called the Stanstead Interest Survey. The survey will be made available for pick up in public spaces around town or you can watch for our team at various locations & events throughout the community.

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