Lampe - Phelps award

For the first time the Lampe Foundation, an affiliate of CFUW Sherbrooke & District, and Phelps Helps are teaming up to offer 3 unique awards to students who participate, or have participated, in Phelps’ programs. Each award focuses on rewarding leadership, perseverance, and community engagement. Two of these awards will be offered to level 5 students planning post-secondary education, in the amount of $100. The application for these two awards will come in March of 2018. The third award will be offered to a post-secondary student, in the amount of $200. The application for this third award is due by December 1st, 2017 and can be found on our website, on our Facebook page, or by contacting

The LAMPE foundation is community-based non-profit organization who is dedicated to supporting education. They encourage qualified students from the Eastern Townships by providing financial assistance through their many different scholarships. Since 1973, CFUW Sherbrooke & District members have put aside funds for educational awards and the name ‘Lampe Foundation’ was established in 2010.

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